School-awarded Course Marks

School principals should inform students of appeal procedures. A student who is dissatisfied with a school-awarded mark may:

  • appeal under the policies set by the school authority, or
  • take the course again

Formal notifications of school-awarded mark changes in diploma examination courses shall be submitted into PASI before the official release dates of Results Statements. These dates are published in the annual General Information Bulletin: Diploma Examinations Program.

Requests to change school-awarded marks in diploma examination courses after the published dates shall be submitted for approval into PASI.

Diploma Examination Marks

A student who believes that their diploma examination mark does not appropriately reflect their achievement may:

  • submit a written request for a rescore to the Provincial Assessment Sector (for contact information, see Appendix 1), in accordance with the terms and date specified on the appropriate results statement, or
  • rewrite the examination at a later administration date. For more information, see the General Information Bulletin: Diploma Examinations Program.

Rescoring a Diploma Examination

A student who wishes to have a diploma examination rescored is required to submit an application form and pay a rescore fee, per examination, directly to Alberta Education through myPass. This fee is refunded if the examination mark increases by 5% or more as a result of rescoring.

The mark resulting from rescoring becomes the final diploma examination mark, whether it is lowered, raised or remains the same.

Last updated: August 26, 2022