In the fall of 2001, Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton undertook a Commodity Flow Survey to study the movement of goods and services in the Edmonton Region. This study is intended to provide planners information for planning the movement of goods and services within the Edmonton Region. This is vital in identifying the necessary infrastructure to keep local business healthy. Results of this survey have been presented to Economic Development Edmonton, the Alberta Capital Region Alliance, and to Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Transportation staff. The survey gathered the following information:

  • how much goods and services that are being shipped and their destinations
  • how those goods and services reach their destinations
  • what types of vehicles are being used, including multi- and single-unit trucks, light trucks, vans and cars
  • what trips are made by delivery and service vehicles (including all the trips for pick-ups and deliveries and for fuelling, servicing, etc.)

A summary of the survey results is available for viewing or download in the 2 PDF files below.

Commodity Flow Study

External Commodity Flow Survey