Drop down lists hide a long list of options, arranged vertically. A person selects the drop down arrow which then reveals the complete list of options.

Make the drop down list optional, otherwise specify with a "Required" caption.


Usage guidelines


Drop down lists are responsive and range in width from 272 pixels on small screens up to 384 pixels on desktop.

Select a single option

Use drop down lists when a person may only select one option from a list of 7 or more options. Use radio buttons when 7 or less options are available to choose from.

Since all the options but one are hidden in a drop down list, the visibility is low. It is recommended to use radio buttons whenever possible.

Content guidelines

The first drop down lists option needs a label and precedes a downward arrow selection to open the list.

The first visible option is the most common or default option of the set. Do not use the first drop down option as a descriptor or label of the list.

Each option should be a brief word, description, or name.

Limit character count to 30 characters with spaces per option.

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