Flood hazard studies include production of a technical report and flood hazard mapping. Although a study may be completed, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) considers it to be draft until formal finalization is complete. The finalization process includes local authority technical review and public consultation components.

When a study is completed, it's provided to impacted local authorities, such as towns, cities, counties, and municipal districts. Once a local authority completes its technical review and issues brought forward are addressed by AEP, public consultation proceeds.

Typically, an open house is organized and the draft report and mapping are made available to the public. This gives the public an opportunity to review the study before the open house as well as get information about the mapping directly from AEP and ask questions before finalization at the open house.

Opportunity to provide written comments identifying technical concerns with the draft study and mapping are typically provided for a defined period afterward, either coordinated with an open house or on a stand-alone basis.

Current draft studies

Current draft flood hazard studies are listed below, including individual draft study summary PDFs, information about planned open houses and public feedback opportunities, as well as unique links to view draft flood hazard mapping using GIS. PDF copies of the draft reports and large-format maps can also be downloaded for review. Please note that report and map PDF file sizes may be large.

Banff – Bow River, Echo and Forty Mile Creeks – Draft Flood Hazard Study

Woodlands (County) and Whitecourt – Athabasca and McLeod Rivers – Draft Flood Hazard Study


For more information about draft flood hazard studies of the finalization process, contact aep.flood@gov.ab.ca.