Air quality and deposition monitoring in Alberta is delivered through a distributed system, which includes industry, Airsheds and the provincial and federal governments. To assure data consistency and quality, policies such as the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive have been established.

Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta owns and operates a number of air monitoring stations in Alberta and provides this data to the Alberta Air Data Warehouse. In addition, the Government of Alberta provides oversight on Airshed and industry station operations, data quality assurance and control as well as data submission.

Alberta Airsheds

Airsheds in Alberta are multi-stakeholder organizations that use consensus as a decision making tool to monitor and report on regional ambient air quality.

Some Airshed organizations are contracted to operate air monitoring stations owned by the Government of Alberta. Airsheds may also operate air monitoring stations on behalf of industrial facilities. The following Airsheds provide data to the Alberta Air Data Warehouse:

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities conduct ambient air monitoring as well as source emissions monitoring based on the requirements of their operating approval under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Ambient monitoring conducted by an industrial facility usually represents air quality at the facility fenceline. Source emissions monitoring represents what is coming out of facility stacks. See also:

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