To ensure that industry best practices are understood, applied and adapted to Alberta’s needs, forums for building technical capacity, communication, cooperation and collaboration between dam owners, regulators, industry and professionals are necessary. Alberta Dam Safety seeks opportunities for partnerships that deliver content tailored to those involved in operations and dam safety assessments and evaluations in Alberta.

2022-23 Dam Safety Webinar Series

In partnership with the Canadian Dam Association (CDA), Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation (AGI) organized a webinar series on the dam safety methodologies and advanced technologies currently being applied to AGI’s dam infrastructure and Canadian dams. The series is intended for dam owners, engineers, engineering technologists, operators, and regulators who are interested in learning from the experiences of other professionals.

The series will include 5 webinars scheduled between December 2022 to March 2023. Each webinar will be recorded and available on this web page for a limited time following the live event. For more information and to register in the live events, visit Canadian Dam Association.

The following AGI webinars were hosted by the CDA:

  • Assessment, Repair, Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (originally streamed December 14, 2022)
    George Casagran, P.Eng
  • Assessment, Repair, Rehabilitation and Monitoring of Flow Control Equipment (originally streamed January 11, 2023)
    Jeff Barnard, P.Eng
  • Advanced Surveillance Techniques for Inspection and Monitoring of Dams
    (upcoming January 27, 2023)
    Amie Sneddon, P.Eng
    Amy Swerid, MA Sc., P.Eng
    Andrew Bayliss, P.Eng
    Michael Davis, P.E.
  • Detection of Seepage through Dams and Abutments using Non-Destructive Investigation Techniques (upcoming February 22, 2023)
    Mohammad Al-Mamun, M.Sc.Eng, P.Eng
    Kyle Haugrud, P.Eng
    Pierre Choquet, Dr.Eng., P.Eng
  • Desktop Estimation of Consequence Classification of Dams using Advanced Technologies and Tools (upcoming March 2023)

2021-22 Dam Safety Webinar Series

In partnership with the Canadian Dam Association (CDA), AEP presented a series of technical webinars highlighting practical applications of assessment and evaluation methodologies and techniques used by AEP as a dam owner:

  • Helping to Make the Right Call: AEP’s Approach to Risk-Informed Decision Making (originally streamed December 16, 2021)
    Stephen Rigbey, M.A.Sc, P.Eng
    Richard Donnelly, M.A.Sc, P.Eng
    Joe Groeneveld, P.Eng
    James Rutherford, P.E., P.Eng
  • From Levels to Drones: Solutions for Modern Engineering & Deformation Monitoring Surveys of Dams (originally streamed January 19, 2022)
    Nathan Kroeker, ALS
    Jason Deschamps, ALS, P.Eng, MBA
  • Inspection and Surveillance of Dams (originally streamed February 24, 2022)
    Andrew Szojka, P.Eng
    Allen Veenland, P.Eng
    Pierre Choquet, Dr.Eng, P.Eng
    Savanna Herman, P.Eng
  • Seepage Management and Internal Erosion Mitigation and Repair in Water Dams (originally streamed March 15, 2022)
    Alistair James, P.Eng
    Damien Engelbrecht, P.Eng

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