We are moving forward in our commitment to build a curriculum that ensures students finish high school with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need for the future. Opportunities to provide input on future curriculum will be shared as they become available.

Alberta's provincial Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K to 12) curriculum, or "programs of study", is defined as what students are expected to know, understand and be able to do in each subject and grade.

While Alberta Education determines what students need to learn in provincial curriculum, teachers use their professional judgement to determine how students achieve the learning outcomes in the provincial curriculum.

Alberta Education is currently developing new K to 12 provincial curriculum in 6 subject areas of Language Arts (English, Français, French), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts, and Wellness Education.

Current curriculum remains in effect until future provincial curriculum is approved by the Minister of Education. Timelines for implementation of future provincial curriculum have yet to be set.

Curriculum development process

Provincial curriculum is developed in 3 phases: shaping, developing and implementing. The Guiding Framework for the Design and Development of Kindergarten to Grade 12 Provincial Curriculum sets a common direction for how provincial curriculum is developed. It describes the purpose of curriculum, and includes common principles and standards that guide what will be included in future curriculum and a common design for how curriculum will look.

Curriculum development resources

Curriculum Advisory Panel

The curriculum advisory panel will provide advice on the development of future kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum.

Curriculum Working Groups

Focus Groups

Curriculum engagement activities

Surveys and other public engagement opportunities have helped gather feedback from Albertans on previous curriculum, the direction of future curriculum, and draft elements of curriculum to date.