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  • Photo of Leela Aheer

    Minister Leela Aheer

    Leela Aheer was appointed Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women on April 30, 2019.

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  • Photo of Laila Goodridge

    Parliamentary Secretary Laila Goodridge

    Laila Goodridge was appointed Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Alberta's Francophonie on June 23, 2019.

Our responsibilities

Build a vibrant cultural sector by supporting the development and sustainability of Alberta's:

  • creative and cultural industries
  • artists and arts community
  • recreation and sport
  • non-profit / voluntary sector

Increase gender equality by working with ministries to make sure gender and other identity factors are reflected in Alberta government:

  • policies
  • programs
  • legislation

In focus

Alberta’s non-profit and voluntary sector

‘Pivot Online: A Toolkit for Artists and Non-profit Organizations’ is now available. See the ‘Resources for non-profits’ section.

Alberta's Artist in Residence

Invite Joal Kamps, Alberta's Artist in Residence/Arts Ambassador for a meeting or to attend a local event.

French-language events in Alberta

March is Alberta Francophonie Month/Mois de la Francophonie albertaine. Come celebrate the history and joie de vivre of the Francophonie in communities all across Alberta.

Commitment to end sexual violence

Alberta has made a government-wide commitment to prevent sexual violence and improve support for survivors.

Getting moving towards a more active Alberta

Our vision of a more active Alberta is a province where all Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness and vibrant communities.

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