The Crown-led bail hearing process is used throughout Alberta.

Crown prosecutors speak at arrested persons’ first appearance bail hearings from 8 am to midnight, 365 days a year.

The development of the Crown-led bail hearing process was driven by the:

How a Crown-led bail hearing works

A first appearance bail hearing has these basic steps.

Step 1. Appearance

A Crown prosecutor speaks at the arrested person’s bail hearing by video or teleconference. A justice of the peace at the Provincial Court Hearing Office, who’s also on video or teleconference, oversees the hearing.

If you’re arrested, you have the right to speak to a lawyer before you appear at a bail hearing.

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Step 2. Recommendation

The Crown prosecutor reviews information in the bail package provided by the police, as well as other information about existing matters available to the bail Crown. The Crown prosecutor then recommends to the justice of the peace that the arrested person either be released, or detained.

The person would then be released or detained until the conclusion of the trial, or when their matter is otherwise resolved.

Step 3. Decision

The justice of the peace decides if the arrested person should be released or detained.

Based on options available in the Criminal Code, a case can be adjourned without a decision on bail and held over to the next court date in Provincial Court.

Crown Bail Office locations


Bowker Building
3rd Floor
9833 109 Street
Edmonton, T5K 2E8

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Centrium Place
Suite 600
332 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, T2P 0B2

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Defence counsel or law enforcement may contact the Crown Bail Office 365 days a year.

Hours: 8 am to midnight