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Crown land use engagements

Stewardship of public land is important, and Albertans provide feedback on proposed changes that affect the use and future of the land.


Alberta’s provincial Crown land has a long history and is managed for a wide variety of uses. The Government of Alberta is entrusted to steward this resource for the benefit of current and future residents. This requires consideration of the various views and interests Albertans have.

Alberta’s Crown land is an incredible resource that supports spectacular landscapes, economic opportunities, excellent recreation and tourism, as well as clean drinking water for millions of Canadians. Crown land also supports vital habitat for wildlife, including species that are rare and at risk.

Crown land has also served as the permanent or seasonal home of many Indigenous peoples who continue to maintain cultural and spiritual relationships through traditional uses.

Increasing population growth and recreational use have put pressures on habitat, landscape connectivity, sensitive headwaters, critical wetlands and rare plant community types - the building blocks for a healthy landscape and environment.

Provincial Crown land is owned by all Albertans and managed by the provincial government. It makes up approximately 60% of Alberta’s land base and includes public land, parks and protected areas. Federal Crown land makes up about 10% of Alberta’s land base in the form of national parks and military bases.

Alberta Environment and Parks is responsible for the management of provincial Crown land. Balancing diverse interests on public land is accomplished in part by considering input from Albertans on land-use planning throughout the province.



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Ministry of Environment and Parks

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There are no open public engagements at this time.

Outcomes so far

We are grateful to all those who have provided feedback through surveys, meetings, open houses, and ongoing efforts with us. Learn more about previous Crown land use engagements:

Last updated: July 24, 2020