Credits, rebates and exemptions

Alberta Child Benefit, Family Employment Tax Credit and other tax credits, carbon levy rebates/exemptions and Alberta Indian Tax Exemption.

Services and information

Lower-income families with children may be eligible for the ACB to help provide a better quality of life for their children.

The enhanced AFETC provides more financial benefits to working families in Alberta while encouraging self-reliance and stability.

Eligible consumers are exempt from fuel tax on fuel, and tobacco tax on tobacco, purchased as personal property on reserve.

Tax credit to encourage investment in non-traditional sectors with strong job-creation potential.

Tax credit to encourage manufacturing, processing and tourism infrastructure companies to make capital investment in Alberta.

Alberta carbon levy exemptions are no longer applicable, and all carbon levy exemption certificates and licences are cancelled effective at the end of the day on May 29, 2019.

Tax credit to help Alberta investors and businesses advance rural economic development and social impact initiatives in their communities.

Tax credit to support medium and large-scale productions filming in Alberta.

Provides a refundable tax credit to qualified corporations that incur eligible expenditures in respect of SR&ED activities.