Public health measures will be lifted in 3 stages as the Omicron wave subsides and pressure on the health-care system eases. Alberta entered Step 2 on March 1.

Albertans can help by getting every vaccine dose they are eligible for.

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Easing measures

Public health measures will be phased out in 3 steps, beginning with lower-risk activities.

  • Step 1

    Alberta entered Step 1 on February 9. The following changes came into effect at that time.

    • Restrictions Exemption Program removed, along with most associated restrictions.
    • Capacity limits are extended to all large facilities and entertainment venues (500+), but food and beverage consumption is now allowed in seats.
    • Physical distancing of 2 metres between households is encouraged, operators should facilitate distancing between patrons where possible.
    • Mandatory masking requirements removed for:
      • children under 13 in all settings as of February 14
      • students of any age attending K-12 schools and participating in school activities as of February 14
  • Step 2

    Alberta entered Step 2 on March 1. The following changes came into effect at that time.

    • Any remaining school requirements removed (for example: Kindergarten to grade 6 cohorting).
    • Youth screening activities for entertainment and sport activities removed.
    • Capacity on all large venues and entertainment venues lifted.
    • Restrictions lifted on interactive activities, table limits, liquor sales and closing times for bars, restaurants and other food serving businesses.
    • Indoor and outdoor social gathering limits lifted, including for all wedding and funeral events.
    • Mandatory work-from-home requirements lifted.
    • Provincial mask mandate lifted except:
      • on municipal and intra-provincial public transit for Albertans 13 and older
      • at AHS-operated and contracted facilities, and all continuing care settings
  • Step 3

    The timeline for Alberta entering Step 3 is to be determined and will depend on hospitalization rates continuing to trend downward.

    • COVID-specific continuing care measures removed.
    • Mandatory isolation removed (becomes a recommendation only).

Measures in effect

Most public health measures were lifted when Alberta entered Step 2 on March 1, except for the measures listed below.

  • Masks

    Mandatory restriction - Effective March 1

    • The provincial mask mandate has been lifted for most settings, except:
      • on municipal and intra-provincial public transit for Albertans 13 and older
      • at all AHS operated and contracted facilities
      • at all continuing care settings
      • continuous masking must be followed for up to 5 days following mandatory isolation due to COVID infection for vaccinated individuals. For more information, see the isolation page.
    • If a person chooses to wear one, masks should fit well and be of high quality. People at risk of severe outcomes should wear medical masks when in settings with people outside of their household.

    Learn more about masks

  • Testing

  • Isolation requirements

    • Isolation is still legally required for people who have COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive. Learn more about the isolation requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated Albertans.
    • Quarantine is no longer legally required for close contacts of positive cases, unless directed to do so by local public health officials.
    • International travellers must still follow federal travel requirements.
  • Contact tracing and case investigation

    • Individuals with positive tests will continue to be notified.
    • Contact tracers will not notify close contacts of positive cases, but will ask that individuals do so when informed of their positive result.
    • Contact tracers will continue to investigate cases in high-risk settings, such as acute and continuing care.
  • Outbreaks

    • Outbreak management and identification will focus on high-risk locations, including continuing and acute care and high-risk workplaces.
    • Community outbreaks with a surge in cases leading to severe outcomes will be addressed as needed.
  • Health care and congregate care settings

    • Masking is required in all AHS operated and contracted facilities, and all continuing care facilities.
    • Existing public health orders for acute care remain in place.
    • Public health orders for continuing care remain in place.

    For more information on current restrictions in these settings, see protecting residents at congregate care facilities.

Public health orders and guidance

  • Public health orders and exemptions

  • Mask exceptions

    In the specific settings where a mask is required, anyone unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition will require a medical exception letter from an authorized health professional. The letter may be presented if requested by enforcement officials, or retrospectively in court if a ticket is issued.

    For more information, see mask requirements and exceptions.

  • Additional guidance for businesses and event organizers

    General guidance and resources are available to help Albertans and businesses follow best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Assessing personal risk

    You're encouraged to assess and manage your personal risk. It is reasonable to continue using precautions that serve your needs.

    Risk factors

    When assessing your personal risk, it is important to consider your setting, individual health and wellness factors, and comfort level. Consult your health care provider if you want help assessing your personal risk of severe outcomes or determining your personal risk level.

    Factors that increase COVID-19 risk:

    • you are not fully vaccinated yet
    • you regularly interact with children who cannot be vaccinated yet
    • you attend crowded indoor spaces
    • you have risk factors for severe health outcomes from COVID-19

    Factors that lower COVID-19 risk:

    • you are fully vaccinated
    • you mostly socialize outdoors, instead of indoors
    • you have a small social circle
    • you can normally maintain distancing from other people

    Additional precautions

    Vaccines are our best protection against COVID-19 and the safest and most effective way to protect against severe illness. Additionally, all Albertans should:

    • practice good hand and respiratory hygiene
    • stay home when they are sick

    If you have risk factors as described above, consider additional precautions such as:

    • avoiding or limiting time spent in crowded indoor places
    • minimizing close contact with anyone showing cold-like symptoms
    • continuing to use a face mask
  • Mental health supports

    We encourage Albertans to access mental health supports, if and when they are needed, and to respect how others are adjusting during this time of transition.

    For additional guidance, see mental health support (PDF, 270 KB).

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If you violate a public health order, you may be subject to a $4,000 fine. Additionally, you can be prosecuted for up to $100,000 for a first time offense.

If you are concerned someone is not following public health orders, you can:

  • remind them that not following orders is against the law and puts people at risk
  • request service from AHS public health inspectors online or call 1-833-476-4743

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