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Contaminant management

Guidance on when a substance has been released or when a release is suspected.

Services and information

The Alberta government is committed to working with industry and municipalities to clean up contaminated sites.

Facilities must follow current operating requirements to protect soil and groundwater from contamination.

Companion information for the Directive for Monitoring the Impact of Sulphur Dust on Soils (2015).

The Alberta government has taken lead, in monitoring contamination in the Bow River and in communities on the North side of the Bow River.

To ensure the safety of Albertans, the Alberta government is investigating contamination on the former Domtar site in northeast Edmonton.


When a substance is released or a release is suspected, the responsible party is required to report the spill, learn about the contamination through delineation, create a remediation plan, clean up or control the substance by remediation or risk management and report on the outcomes.

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