Engineering consultants who wish to provide prime-consultant services on highway, bridge, planning, and water management projects must be pre-qualified by Alberta Transportation. Consultants must submit details of their firm's staff, capabilities, expertise, and experience in the categories of work they wish to be pre-qualified. A committee of senior personnel will evaluate all submissions to determine if the consultant meets the requirements for pre-qualification in each category.

Consultants may submit their pre-qualification request at any time, and those who are already pre-qualified in a specific category are required to renew their pre-qualification every two years.

Prequalification requirements can be found in the following documents:

Consultants who wish to provide prime consultant services on other types of projects that Alberta Transportation is involved in do not need to be pre-qualified. For those projects, an open RFP will be posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website, as described in the consulting and tendering opportunities page.