Condition codes

A condition code may be added to a person's driver's licence to ensure that person meets the requirements to operate a motor vehicle. For example, all drivers must meet specific vision requirements to operate a vehicle. If you require glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision to these specific standards, you will have a Condition code placed on your driver's licence indicating this requirement. Also, a person can be required to have a medical examination by a doctor or a nurse practitioner periodically to be allowed to drive, and this will be indicated on the driver's licence.

In more extreme situations, a change in a person's situation can make it impossible for him or her to safely operate a vehicle. These situations are not common, but do mean that the person is not able to be licensed to operate a vehicle.

Endorsement codes

An endorsement code on a driver's licence shows that the person has had specific education or training, like completing a novice driver education course or a course specific to operating a school bus. An endorsement may also indicate that the person is permitted to drive a vehicle that has a specific feature, like a vehicle with air brakes.

Each condition or endorsement has a letter code attached to it and may be shown on the driver's licence. Conditions and endorsements specific to you are placed on the front of the licence, in the Cond/End section. Some of the condition codes and endorsements have an explanation on the back of the driver's licence.

Driver Licence Condition Codes

* Do not appear on the driver's licence

Condition Code Description
A Adequate Lenses
B Special Conditions
C Periodic Medical *
D Periodic Vision Report *
E Periodic Driver Examination *
F Valid Temporary Licence
H Daylight Driving Only
J Outside Mirrors
K Automatic Transmission
L Hand Controls
M Under Review *
N Excludes Class 2 and 4
P Testing to be conducted by Provincial Examiner only *
T Special Medical *

Driver Licence Endorsements

* Do not appear on the driver's licence

Endorsement Description
Q Air Brakes
S School Bus
V Extended Length Vehicle Combinations
U Completed Driver Education Course *