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How to display the Government of Alberta (GoA) signature logo.

Colour coded text boxes used to alert people to important changes, urgent notices, emergencies, and events.

Text box that describes or conveys the subject matter of an image or chart.

A featured, rectangular container with link that facilitates navigation.

An input field allowing for multiple selections from a small list of options.

How to apply the accessible, brand-derived colour palette from the Government of Alberta colour standards.

Dividers indicate a separation of layout and also separation of large chunks of information on a page.

Input field that allows a person to select one option from a large list of hidden options.

A large image area used to give visual reinforcement to a particular section of content.

How to use the Government of Alberta icon set on public websites and applications.

Aspect ratios, size requirements and writing guidelines for images.

Various styles for in-page hyperlinks.

Notification banners are used for global alerts and critical messaging required to be viewed on every page of the website.

Pagination allows you to click through multiple pages or screens, as part of a related set.

Input field allowing for a single selection from a small list of options most commonly found in a form.

A list of government-approved social media profile links.

A structured arrangement of detailed alphanumeric data in rows and columns.

How to use the standard Government of Alberta (GoA) typeface for all public websites and applications.

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