Completed engagements

Find past consultations and engagements completed by the Alberta government.

Services and information

Gathered input to establish safety and consumer protection standards for addiction and mental health services and treatment facilities.

Consulted with communities and workers affected by the end of coal-fired electricity generation to identify challenges and opportunities.

Feedback from Albertans informed the mandate and priorities for the new Advocate for Persons with Disabilities.

Albertans shared their thoughts and priorities for a new agriculture framework to replace Growing Forward 2.

A review of Alberta Health Services (AHS) was conducted in 2019 to help find ways to improve the health system and access to services for Albertans.

Gathered input to be considered in assessing options to mitigate the impacts of flood and drought on the Bow River.

Albertans provided their feedback to help shape and inform the provincial budget.

Gathered input on ways to balance Alberta's budget.

Albertans provided input on a builder licensing program designed to strengthen consumer protection in residential home construction.

The Castle region in southwestern Alberta has the natural beauty, cultural significance and outdoor opportunities to attract more visitors.

Albertans provided input on Alberta’s child safety seat laws and how they affect families.

This regulation will support Calgary and Edmonton’s unique needs as Alberta’s largest urban centres.

Alberta's climate change advisory panel engaged with Albertans to recommend a plan for action.

Led stakeholder engagement to guide Alberta’s investments in innovation and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Gathered feedback on initiatives to improve training and oversight of the commercial truck and bus industry and driver road test services.

Albertans provided feedback on ways to improve Alberta's consumer protection laws through extensive engagement in summer and fall of 2017.

Bringing together survivors, LGBTQ+ advocates and professionals to find a way to ban conversion therapy in Alberta.

Alberta conducted a review of its electricity market system.

Explored opportunities to diversify Alberta's energy sector, create jobs and stimulate investment by adding value to our energy resources.

Provided advice on energy efficiency programs and energy systems for homes, businesses and communities.

Government consulted with the agricultural community to draft workplace amendments that reflect the unique nature of farms and ranches.

Workplace legislation regarding waged, non-family farm workers.

Gathered input to help shape the future of workplace legislation on farms and ranches.

Gathered input on the government’s next steps to combat racism.

Parents were invited to provide feedback on ways to improve the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program.

Increasing the supply of off-reserve, non-market, affordable rental housing units for Indigenous peoples in need.

Gathered input on how local elections are conducted in municipalities, school boards, Métis Settlements and irrigation districts.

Gathered input on ways the government can encourage growth in the local food industry.

An independent panel of experts reviewed Alberta’s finances and provided recommendations to bring the budget back to balance.

Albertans had their say in new regulations for workplace harassment and violence and joint health and safety committees.

Reviewing the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system to ensure Albertans are working in healthy and safe workplaces.

Input was gathered on the Oil Sands Advisory Group's recommendations for implementing a 100 megatonne limit on emissions in the oil sands.

A dedicated emergency commission to help Alberta respond to the opioid crisis.

Consulted on Alberta's new approach to managing industry greenhouse gas emissions.

Engagement on Alberta’s new provincial public transportation strategy wraps up.

Read research and insights into what matters to Albertans, and their opinions on how government is doing.

Sought input to confirm if overnight-staffed residences of persons with developmental disabilities should be included in the new act.

Engaged with survivors of the Sixties Scoop to inform a meaningful apology from the government.

Input from Alberta's arts community helped inform new ways to better recognize and support artists.

An expert committee reviewed the social and economic impacts of current and proposed supervised consumption services.

Convening leaders of industry, post-secondary institutions and government to share insights and advice to grow Alberta’s tech sector.

Gathered input on the proposed system to reduce emissions while keeping Alberta industries competitive.

Albertans shared their thoughts about helmet use for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) on public land and penalties for excessive speedings.

Gathered input to develop a new policy to regulate tuition and fees and make post-secondary education more affordable.

The WCB was reviewed as part of the Alberta government’s formal review of agencies, boards and commissions.

Albertans provided input on the proposed list of light work duties that can be done by employees under 18.