Community Development Unit

The Community Development Unit delivers sessions and workshops to help organizations strengthen their services.


The Community Development Unit meets with organizations to deliver sessions and workshops to help strengthen the services delivered through the organization. Topics covered include:

  • strategic planning
  • board development, roles and responsibilities
  • planning and conducting effective meetings
  • team enhancement and development
  • building leadership capabilities throughout your organization
  • creating plans for fund development and marketing
  • consultations with the public and stakeholders
  • identifying, developing and enhancing partnerships, collaborative relationships and assets within your organization and community

Services are mainly tailored to:

  • community groups
  • non-profit organizations
  • volunteer teams
  • municipality groups
  • provincial ministry groups

Community Development works to improve, enhance or otherwise contribute in a positive way to the lives of Albertans.

Session types

Building community capacity

Community Development facilitators can facilitate sessions to help:

  • identify assets in your community, including individuals, organizations and others
  • assist with creating an action plan for capitalizing on those assets

Collaboration and partnerships

Community Development facilitators can support you and your collaborative team in exploring, building and strengthening methods and processes for working effectively together.


The Community Development facilitators can provide crucial process design expertise, as well as advice on project planning and management. Whether it's a clear strategic plan you need, an agreement on a contentious issue or collecting extensive input on an idea, our facilitators are process experts.

Facilitators design sessions and projects that:

  • are inclusive of a diverse array of participants
  • are non-biased and achieve the group's goals
  • create a safe environment encouraging full participation from everyone present

The Community Development Unit offers facilitation training workshops to help employees learn how to lead meetings and groups.

Fund development

Community Development facilitators can assist your organization with a broad range of services related to fundraising and fiscal management, including:

  • referrals
  • building feasible action plans
  • creating strategies that are right for your organization
  • social enterprise
  • partnership building and collaboration
  • obtaining and maintaining charitable status

Developing leadership capabilities

The Community Development facilitators can help your organization build a culture of leadership by providing personalized workshops focused on:

  • facilitating conversations regarding leadership
  • clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • effective planning
  • coaching services

Organization and board development

Community Development works with board members and staff teams of organizations to help them find ways of working more effectively and efficiently.

The topics we cover include and are not limited to:

  • developing and working with your bylaws
  • assisting with incorporation
  • strategic planning, prioritizing and planning for the future
  • planning and conducting effective meetings
  • developing clear board and staff roles and responsibilities

See the Board Development Program for in-depth information bulletins and worksheets to guide your Board's development and growth.


Community Development facilitators work with you to design and deliver sessions that may include and are not limited to:

  • reflecting on and considering factors affecting your group and work
  • understanding and articulating mission, vision and values
  • identifying relevant and adaptive strategies to guide your work

Public participation

Public participation consists of a variety of activities ranging from sharing information to active engagement of stakeholders in the implementation stages.

Public and stakeholder participation processes include:

  • Identifying purpose and intent
  • Defining appropriate levels of public and stakeholder participation
  • Planning and managing all aspects of the interaction with the public
  • Assessing and interpreting the information gathered

Facilitation training workshops

Community Development Facilitators design and deliver sessions that cover facilitation theories and tools as well as provide practical hands-on learning opportunities.

Whether you're leading meetings with coworkers or leading groups for clients, facilitation skills will help you:

  • increase participation
  • build consensus
  • handle difficult situations
  • enable groups to focus and work together creatively
  • get concrete results
  • build commitment to action

Contact us to have our standard, 3 Day Basic Facilitation Skills workshop offered in your community.

Basic facilitation skills workshops

Workshops that non-profit or government employees can attend are regularly scheduled around Alberta. For more information download the 3 Day Basic Facilitation Skills (PDF, 92 KB) information sheet.

Next scheduled workshops

  1. May 15-17, 2018 in Spruce Grove
  2. June 26-28, 2018 in Stettler

Contact the Community Development Unit for more information about these workshops.



Knowledge Connector Learning Opportunities

International Association for Public Participation


Harvesting the Wisdom of Coalitions: Review highlights

Harvesting the Wisdom of Coalitions: Literature review

Harvesting the Wisdom of Coalitions: A Study of the Sustainability of Coalitions in Alberta

Harvesting the Wisdom of Coalitions: Understanding Collaboration and Innovation in the Coalition Context

Building a Successful Coalition Conversation Guide

Public participation

Facilitating Large Public Input Events Handbook

Facilitating Large Public Input Events Tip Sheets

Public Input Toolkit


Contact the Community Development facilitators to discuss how they can help you or how to set up a session:


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