Status: Bill 32 passed Dec. 5, 2018
Ministry responsible: Municipal Affairs


As Edmonton and Calgary continue to grow, so does their need for roads, bridges, transit, parks and recreation facilities.

Bill 32: The City Charters Fiscal Framework Act has been passed to provide predictable funding for infrastructure projects in Alberta's two big cities.

The new funding approach will begin in 2022.

New funding framework

The framework will provide Calgary and Edmonton with infrastructure funding tied to provincial revenues, meaning they will share in Alberta's future revenue growth.

It will provide:

  • $500 million in baseline infrastructure funding for the first year, split between Calgary and Edmonton. A revenue-sharing component means funding will go up as provincial revenue and fuel sales grow. This will replace the cities' Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding, which finishes in 2022.
  • $400 million per year for long-term transit funding, split between Calgary and Edmonton. The funding, generated from the Climate Leadership Plan, will begin in 2027 when current LRT funding commitments are complete.

Additionally, outside of the act, the province will also provide:

  • $50-million per year for a regional fund to support significant regional economic development infrastructure projects:
    • one-third to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
    • one-third to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board
    • one-third to other regional entities on a competitive basis

Municipal Sustainability Initiative

Calgary and Edmonton combined have been provided with more than $4.4 billion in MSI funding since 2007. The cities have used this funding for more than 450 projects.


Additionally, we are proposing to make changes to the city charters regulations. For more information please visit the city charters webpage.

Next steps

Until the new program is in place, the MSI will continue to provide funds as laid out in Budget 2018.