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Children's pain and fever medication

The first of 3 shipments of children’s acetaminophen for sale is on its way to pharmacies.


We've secured 750,000 bottles of children’s acetaminophen to combat the shortage of children’s pain and fever medicine and bring relief for Alberta families.

Parents will be able to buy this medicine at pharmacies soon. Retail prices will be in line with the average cost for this type of medication.

Medications are packaged following Health Canada guidelines and meet Health Canada safety, quality and efficacy regulations.

Shipment status

March 2023: First shipment of children’s acetaminophen for retail use arrived and is on its way to pharmacies.

January 2023: First shipment of 250,000 bottles of children’s acetaminophen for hospital use arrived in Alberta.

Photo of Parol children's medication

About the medication

  • The acetaminophen medication is an orange-flavoured, liquid formula manufactured under the brand name Parol.
  • Pharmacies will store and sell the medication from behind the counter.
  • The medication is a different strength than what is usually sold in Canada.
    • Pharmacists will explain how the medication’s strength, dosing information and dosing device vary from the supply you may be familiar with and provide advice and information to help determine the right dose for your child.
    • Read the package instructions carefully to determine the correct dose for your child.
  • Safety information

    • The medication was manufactured by Atabay Pharmaceuticals in Türkiye at a Health Canada-approved facility.
    • Drugs imported to Canada must meet safety, quality and efficacy regulations set out by Health Canada in order to be authorized for import.
    • Packaging follows Health Canada guidelines.