Progress summary

The graphic information below summarizes the progress on recommendations received and actions taken, in relation to child intervention, for the most current five years.

The public reporting on progress allows recommending bodies and Albertans to keep informed of systemic improvement to the child intervention system. The status of all recommendations is updated twice every year (September and March).

Overall recommendations progress (2014/2015 to September 2018/2019)

Overall Recommendations Progress (2014/2015 to September 2018/2019): 19 response pending; 77 completed; 1 completed/alternate solution; 54 in progress; 33 n/a; 25 ongoing; 1 abandoned


Response Pending
Completed: the intent of the recommendation has been met by the actions taken
Completed/Alternate Solution: the ministry has developed an alternate solution which addresses the concern
In Progress: steps or actions are underway to achieve the recommendation
N/A: recommendation was not accepted or intended for the ministry
Ongoing: long term action required - systemic or standing issues
Abandoned: the recommendation is no longer being worked on due to changes in resources, ministerial direction or evidence-based research

Recommendation count by author, progress and fiscal year

The following chart provides a breakdown of the recommendations by year and recommending body.

Bar chart showing breakdown by year, recommending body and status of recommendation.


Author Full name
ACSW Alberta College of Social Workers
CQA Council for Quality Assurance
FI Fatality Inquiry
IOC Implementation Oversight Committee
MPCI Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention
OAG Office of the Auditor General
OCYA Office of the Child and Youth Advocate

Total recommendation count by fiscal year

2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019 Total
63 23 45 33 46 210

2018/2019 report recommendation count

Ministry Public Responses

More information on the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention

A Stronger, Safer Tomorrow, the public action plan for the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention's recommendations