We’re making some changes to parks as part of government’s platform commitment to modernize Alberta’s provincial parks. We’re offering Albertans, First Nations and Métis communities, and non-profits the opportunity to partner on a small portion of these sites that represent 0.3% of all Alberta parks’ land. We continue to be committed to conservation and protection of our province’s treasured ecosystems. These changes will also allow government to focus resources on the many “crown jewels” across the province – sites of particular ecological and historic value.

As part of government’s commitment to balance the province’s books, an additional number of sites will be closed or partially closed. We have given much thought to minimizing the impacts on our air, land, water and biodiversity and ensuring Albertans and tourists will still have many diverse recreational opportunities across the province.

The Parks Impacted List (PDF, 1 MB) outlines partial/full site closures, and sites identified for takeover.