Alberta Transportation works with commercial carriers to review their safety and maintenance practices and outline compliance expectations. Each carrier's compliance level is monitored and carriers demonstrating compliance problems face progressive discipline.

An important part of evaluating a carrier's safety compliance is the facility audit. Facility audits are designed to review a carrier's on-highway and safety management activities in considerable detail. During the facility audit, the Auditor will examine the carrier's records and report on demonstrated compliance with the safety standards of the National Safety Code program and its related legislation as implemented in Alberta.

An audit program called "Assessment of Regulatory Compliance" (ARC) has been developed by Alberta Transportation. In some instances where the department has conducted or arranged for an ARC audit to be done, carriers may be charged for violations, issued an administrative penalty, conditions placed on their Safety Fitness Certificate or their Safety Fitness Rating downgraded based on evidence collected during the audit. In addition, the Auditor may give the carrier a written Action Plan containing specific directions on how to improve their driver safety and/or vehicle maintenance program. This Action Plan often would specify dates by which actions need to be taken or information provided to the department.

The facility audit report will provide Alberta Transportation with an understanding of the carrier's degree of compliance. Each carrier's Safety Fitness Rating is evaluated through a review of convictions, collisions, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspections and facility audits.

Carriers are encouraged to conduct their own internal reviews of their compliance. To help with this, several Quizzes have been prepared for several types of commercial truck and bus operations. For those who have a very good understanding of Alberta's transportation legislation and who want to conduct their own facility audit, a copy of the ARC program is available. Completing the questions in this quiz accurately will considerably increase the safety value for you and your company.

Truck Trailer Quiz (pdf 189K)

Commercial Bus Quiz (pdf 192K)

Assessment of Regulatory Compliance Audit (word doc 30K)


Investigations are conducted to identify if federal or provincial commercial transport laws have been broken. Investigations are usually specific to a single event or type of violation.

For more information, please contact:

Carrier Services

National Safety Code Auditors

Carrier Services is committed to monitoring the level of compliance of commercial truck and bus carriers to Alberta transport legislation requirements. To meet this commitment, a Third Party Auditor Certification Program was developed. Certified Third Party Auditors are authorized to conduct NSC Audits on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

A list of Certified Third Party Auditors is below:

Attached list of Certified Auditors (pdf 86K)