Benefits – What we offer

At our ministry, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as diverse and rewarding employment opportunities in an environment that encourages continuous learning and career growth.

Competitive benefits package

Permanent and temporary salaried employees have access to a comprehensive benefits package which includes pension, health and dental plans, prescription coverage, disability and life insurance plans:

For information related to pay, pension, work options and more, visit:

Learning and career development

Continuous learning and career development are encouraged and supported to ensure our employees have the competencies and skills necessary to be effective in the workplace and to advance their careers.

Employee orientation

Our orientation programs will provide you with the opportunity to meet fellow colleagues, learn the ropes from experts in the department, and provide you with tools and resources to support you in your new role.

How to apply

All positions are filled by a competitive process. You can apply to one or more applicable positions posted on the Government of Alberta (GoA) Jobs website.

For current job postings in our ministry, as well as across all other GoA Ministries, visit:

Recruitment process

If we determine that your qualifications are suitable for the position, the human resource office will contact you to set up an interview. When the interview process is complete, you will be informed as to whether or not you are the successful candidate.

Specific competencies will help you succeed at our ministry. A competency is any attitude, skill, behaviour, motive or other personal characteristic that is essential to perform a job. At our ministry, we are looking for people who demonstrate the following:

Core Competencies and Leadership Competencies diagram

About career paths

A career path helps to identify job opportunities while highlighting our ministry's typical requirements for career growth. It also helps provide structure for individual career planning, by providing goals for 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years down the road in a career with the department.

Career path job classifications and positions will vary depending on the our ministry's business area.

How a career path works

Positions are grouped into categories (columns) according to their classification level (that is, Natural Resources 7). The classification levels are used to group positions that require similar levels of complexity, responsibility, training and experience.

An individual’s career progression may be within a category (movement between positions within the column) which can help broaden experience. Once higher levels of training and experience are achieved, individuals may also progress along the career pathway (that is, Natural Resources 7 to Natural Resources 8) or may possibly move amongst the career pathways (that is, Natural Resources 6 to Natural Resources 8).

Positions outlined in red on the chart will have information on position responsibilities, minimum recruitment standards and additional requirements listed below it.

Career Path Example


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