Canada 150 in Alberta

Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary of Confederation on July 1, 2017. We're celebrating this milestone with several initiatives.

Canada 150 presents a unique opportunity for Albertans to join all Canadians as we recognize a milestone of our nation, anticipate our future together, and strengthen our connections among one another.

The Government of Canada has identified 4 themes for Canada 150:

  1. Diversity and inclusion, and the building of common interests and relationships
  2. Engaging and inspiring youth to carry forward the legacy of Canada 150
  3. Supporting efforts toward reconciliation of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians
  4. Connecting Canadians with nature and raising environmental stewardship to the level of a national consciousness

About the celebrations

While we may be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017, the history of this land and its people spans millennia, rather than decades.

Alberta is home to many Indigenous peoples, as well as a fast-growing population of newcomers from around the world.

By encouraging Albertans to participate and celebrate in their own backyards and across the province, we can foster a greater sense of inclusion in this historic moment that will reflect the richness of Alberta's diverse voices.

Alberta's investment in Canada 150 is in keeping with investments by other provinces, with the exception of Ontario which also turns 150 in 2017 and is investing more as a result.

What Alberta is doing

Throughout 2017, Albertans will see the Canada 150 theme in announcements about Alberta's parks and environment, arts and culture, education and communities.

Canada 150 events and celebrations are happening across Alberta and throughout Canada.

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