Callouts highlight important content within the body text of a page. Callouts should communicate one piece of crucial information pertaining to the page section.



Most common callout. Pulls information from body text that needs to stand out more.


Highlights specific dates, such as a grant application closing date.

Urgent or Important

Less common, except when important content needs to stand out, such as Covid-19 information.


Only for situations where there is a danger to the public.

Content guidelines

Use only 1-3 callouts per page. They lose effectiveness if stacked upon each other and scattered throughout the page.


  • Green, yellow or red callouts: place at the top of page
  • Blue callouts: place within the text as need arises


  • Keep callout text short and to the point.
  • Best practice – under 400 characters with spaces.


Use only text within a callout:

  • avoid bullets inside callouts
  • do not use callouts inside accordions
  • do not include H2 headings, images or graphics
  • avoid paragraph breaks


Titles are optional. They also count towards the character count within a callout. If using a title follow these best practices:

  • keep titles short, 1-3 words
  • bold the title
  • be descriptive
  • use sentence case

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