The Government of Alberta follows a comprehensive strategy that was designed to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries in the province. This strategy, known as the Traffic Safety Plan, outlines key initiatives to help prevent motor vehicle collisions, build safer roads, establish and enforce traffic laws, and better educate all Albertans about traffic safety.

The Carrier Profile system was designed to identify higher risk carriers to provincial regulators and to assist carriers in internally monitoring their on-road safety performance. National Safety Code Standard 7 requires all Canadian jurisdictions to maintain a Carrier Profile on each of their NSC carriers. Each of these NSC carriers is also required to hold a Safety Fitness Certificate. In Alberta, this includes carriers that operate:

  • commercial vehicles registered for a weight of more than 4,500 kilograms that operate in multiple provinces, territories or states;
  • commercial vehicles registered for a weight of 11,794 kilograms or more that operate solely within Alberta; and
  • commercial passenger vehicles with a seating capacity originally designed for 11 persons or more, including the driver.

Carrier Profile System

Alberta Transportation gathers enforcement information from across North America related to carriers authorized to operate commercial vehicles. This information includes:

Convictions against the carrier and its drivers;

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections;
  • Collision Information; and
  • Facility Audit Information.

Alberta's Carrier Profile system is used to consolidate all information collected and can be used by provincial regulators to identify the 5% of carriers who pose the greatest safety risk to other highway users.

Profile Reports

There are two types of Profile reports that can be requested in Alberta: a Public Profile and a Carrier Profile.

Profile Report Type Description Key Benefits Who Can Request it? Where Can I Access it?

Carrier Profile Report


A standard Carrier Profile report includes 12 months of events involving NSC vehicles registered in the carrier's name and the persons driving those vehicles. Events include a detailed history of convictions, CVSA inspections, reportable collisions, and violations.

For more details on the department's Carrier Profile system, consult:

How To Read A Carrier Profile

Benefits of Reviewing Your Carrier Profile

Notice: Carrier Profile pdf is now less restrictive

This report can only be requested by the carrier, an authorized employee of the carrier, an authorized carrier representative (e.g. a consultant, an insurance company, etc. that has been authorized in writing), or enforcement personnel.

NOTE: A carrier can benefit from reviewing their Carrier Profile on a regular basis. The department supplies two free profiles per year to encourage this practice.

Online Request

Hardcopy Request

Request may be submitted by a third party on behalf of the carrier. This person must be authorized by the carrier to submit and/or release information on their behalf. To support this process, the carrier and the third party must jointly complete the authorization form and submit it to Alberta Transportation.

Authorization to Release/Submit Information

NOTE: A "third party" is a person who is indirectly involved with an arrangement, contract or transaction. A "third party" may be a consultant, third party auditor, etc. , but they are not a direct employee of the carrier.

Public Profile Report


Provides a detailed summary of conviction, collision, violation, CVSA inspection and monitoring information, but does not include detailed driver or personal information ((e.g. personal information protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)).

Provides an overview of a carrier's safety performance. Can be a useful tool to gain a better understanding of the carrier's compliance to transportation safety legislation when engaging with a carrier for the first time (for the purposes of a contract or other reasons), etc.

Notice - February 2017

Notice: Public Profile pdf is now less restrictive

Public- e.g. shippers, insurance companies, other carriers,

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that anyone who requests the Public Profile report use the How to Read document as a guide to understanding the events in the report.

Online Request

Hardcopy Request

Profile Data Accuracy

All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of Carrier Profile data. If a carrier identifies a significant inaccuracy, they should contact Carrier Services at 403-340-5444 (toll free in Alberta dial 310-0000).

For more information, please contact:

Carrier Services