Building Communities of Care is the government’s new approach to increasing continuing care capacity in Alberta. The program includes two funding components that specifically address the continuing care needs of Indigenous communities: business case development grants and competitive capital grants.

Applications for business case development grants are no longer being accepted.

Information about the competitive capital grants will be posted when it becomes available.


Business case development funding supports needs assessments and business case development in Indigenous communities where a need for more continuing care capacity has been identified.

This one-time grant opportunity can be used in conjunction with funding from other sources. The needs assessment will be conducted with Alberta Health Services and could incorporate a broad spectrum of services from health, housing and community service needs.

Once the needs assessment is complete and a need for continuing care spaces has been identified, recipients will work to complete a business case. The Ministry of Health will provide applicants with the business case template. This template can be used in the application for a capital grant. More information about the competitive capital grant program, including a link to the business case template, will be posted when it becomes available.

How much is available

Business case development grant funding is up to a maximum of $20,000: $10,000 to successful applicants to gather relevant information for a needs assessment undertaken with Alberta Health Services and to develop a business plan; and $10,000 upon submission of a completed business case template once a need for continuing care spaces has been identified.

Only one applicant organization per community (for example, per First Nation, Metis Settlement, Métis region or local) can apply for a business case development grant. Applicants must confirm that their business case development grant application is endorsed by the community they represent.


Eligible applicants must be located in the province of Alberta and include:

  • First Nations, including the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation
  • First Nation corporations (for example, Health Department)
  • Tribal Councils and Treaty Organizations
  • Metis Settlements
  • Metis Settlements General Council
  • The Métis Nation of Alberta Association
  • Other Métis regional or local associations or societies
  • Indigenous-owned businesses or development corporations
  • Indigenous not-for-profit organizations with a mandate related to the objectives of the Building Communities of Care program

How to apply

Applications are no longer being accepted for business case development grants.

If you have questions, please email health.continuingcarecapitalprograms@gov.ab.ca.

After you apply

Successful recipients will be notified and asked to sign a grant funding letter in order to receive the first instalment of funding. This funding will be used to develop a needs assessment with Alberta Health Services and to develop a business case for increased continuing care capacity if a need has been identified.

The Ministry of Health will provide successful applicants with the remaining $10,000 in grant funding if/when the organization submits a completed business case template. The template, along with the required documentation, will also serve as the application for the competitive capital grant. Details on what is required to be included in an application for a capital grant can be found on pages 16 to 17 of the Building Communities of Care: Guide for Business Case Development Funding.


A guide has been created to provide additional information on the Business Case Development grant.