Download: 2019-20 First Quarter Fiscal Update
Published August 27, 2019 (PDF, 754 KB)

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The 2019-20 first quarter forecast is for total revenue of $13.4 billion. This is virtually identical to revenue in the first quarter of 2018-19.

Table 1: Revenue (millions of dollars)

Revenue Sources 2018-19
First Quarter 2018-19 First Quarter 2019-20 Change
Income and other Taxes 22,899 23,578 5,528 5,628 166
Non-renewable resource revenue 3,829 5,429 1,855 2,019 164
Total revenue 47,879 49,624 13,433 13,434 1
Source: Government of Alberta

Non-renewable resource revenue

Resource revenue in 2019-20 was $164 million higher. Bitumen royalties were higher as the light-heavy oil prices differential was about US$8 per barrel narrower this year, while crude oil, natural gas and by-product royalties were lower as the West Texas Intermediate oil price was about US$8 lower that the previous period.

Read the 2019-20 First Quarter Fiscal Update (PDF, 754 KB).