In the Brief Conflict Intervention (BCI) service, parties will meet with a specialist to help improve their understanding of their child’s needs during a separation or divorce, and to resolve parenting disputes.

The BCI specialist may:

  • conduct parent, parent-child and child sessions
  • discuss a child’s developmental needs and abilities
  • review the importance of quality parent-child relationships
  • discuss the adverse effects of parenting conflict on a child’s development
  • explore family and individual strengths
  • examine problem-solving skills and conflict resolution styles
  • help resolve identified issues and draft a parenting agreement
  • explore further options to assist the participants


To be eligible, parties must:

  • have a parenting dispute involving at least one dependent child
  • undergo safety screening
  • have a gross income of $40,000 per year or less (either you or the other party)
  • agree to participate together
  • have attempted mediation before
  • not have active child intervention or family violence issue before the courts

How to apply

You may be referred to this service by the court, a lawyer, mediator, or other family professional.

You can also apply for this service by contacting the BCI coordinator by email at dispute.resolution@gov.ab.ca or by phone at 780-644-2190.

After you have applied, the BCI coordinator will contact you and the other party to determine if you're eligible for this service.