Materials and products approved for use in construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the Department's bridges can be found in the Specifications for Bridge Construction, Standard and Typical Detail Drawings, and the Alberta Transportation Products List (pdf). Approved materials and products are not an endorsement by the Department or a guarantee of performance relative to contract requirements.

The Alberta Transportation Product List is maintained and managed by the New Product Evaluation Committee (NPEC). Products listed are classified into four categories; "Approved" products, "Proven" products, "Trial" products and "Potential" products.

  • Products listed under the "Approved" and "Proven" categories may be used where appropriate on Department projects.
  • Use of any products listed under the "Trial" and "Potential" categories requires the prior written approval from the Department. Furthermore, "Trial" and "Potential" products may only be used if they are specifically referenced within a project's contract documents.

Further details on the New Product Evaluation Committee and the processes in which new products are evaluated can be found at the Products List and Materials Testing website.

"Approved" products within the Product List are those where the Department has been directly involved in the testing and evaluation. Testing must be completed in accordance with Alberta Transportation's Material Testing Specifications. "Approved" products include bridge concrete sealers, bridge coating systems (paint), non-shrink grouts, concrete patching materials, and various formulations of traffic paints. The material testing specifications require that either the Department's Material Test Procedures and Guidelines or ASTM/ICRI/CSA/AASHTO test methods are followed. In some cases the Department's material test procedures and guidelines may be similar to alternative material test methods but are often not identical and can not be viewed as interchangeable.