Construction contract tender packages shall be prepared in accordance with the Engineering Consultant Guidelines - Volume 1 - Design and Tender.

Construction contract tender templates, special provisions, and specification amendments should be used where applicable. Specification shells for culvert tunneling projects are available for Department projects.

The General Specifications and Standard Specifications for Bridge Construction form an integral part of bridge construction contracts and outline the Department's bridge construction standards and practices.

Administration of bridge construction contracts shall be completed in accordance with the Engineering Consultant Guidelines for Highway and Bridge Projects - Volume 2 - Construction Contract Administration.

The Bridge Construction Inspection Manual provides guidance in administration of the Standard Specification for Bridge Construction. Bridge construction inspection is a significant activity, requiring consistent and thorough administration and documentation to achieve performance, durability, and an adequate level of safety. It is intended that this document will be used as a valuable technical resource to help facilitate the achievement of this goal.

Culverts are often used as an efficient and economical alternative to conventional bridge structures. An overview of flexible steel culvert construction in Alberta is provided in this short Presentation.

Construction costs for new construction and bridge rehabilitation projects are summarized in the Bridge Cost Data Sheet and and are used to assist in the development of project cost estimates and Department programming activities. The information in this report is updated to reflect the latest costs for bridge projects on a periodic basis.

Construction Bulletin 26-The function and service life of the Department's standard finger plate and cover plated V-seal deck joints rely on successfully meeting the specified plate gap tolerances. Therefore, it is imperative that the plate gap tolerances be verified at both the fabrication and construction phases. Construction Bulletin 26 has been prepared to provide information regarding finger plate and cover plated v-seal deck joint plate gap tolerance, check hold points, reporting procedures, and deck joint sign off requirements.