Bridge-to-Teacher Certification Program

School authorities can get funding to help tradespeople teach Career and Technology Studies (CTS) while studying for teacher certification.


The Bridge to Teacher Certification Program is a one-year program that helps school authorities sponsor and hire journey-certificated tradespeople to teach CTS.

Government, the Alberta Teachers’ Association and post-secondary institutions worked together to create the program.

Learn more about the Career and Technology Studies: 2024 Bridge to Teacher Certification Program.


This program helps school authorities create more CTS opportunities for students.

It does this by attracting new teachers from industries and trades that are in demand.

Government may authorize participants who complete the program to work as a teacher while completing a Bachelor of Education, which is required for interim professional certification.


Eligible participants are selected by school authorities and include:

  • certified journeypersons from various trades
  • health care professionals
  • information technologists

How to apply

Applications for 2024 are now open until December 8, 2023.

School authorities can submit an application to government by filling out the CTS Bridging application form.

Schools should work with their community to identify career and technology subjects that:

  • interest students
  • have local experts interested in teaching in a classroom setting


Connect with the Teacher and Leadership Certification Branch:

Email: [email protected]