ICS instructors must be able to deliver courses to a wide variety of emergency response, emergency management, public works, industry and non-governmental organizations.

Approved instructors:

  • will demonstrate a knowledge of the ICS doctrine and curriculum
  • will have experience with adult education and classroom management
  • can apply ICS to all disciplines associated with emergencies

Requirements for instructors

In order to become an ICS instructor in Alberta, the successful candidate must:

  • reside in Alberta and/or intend to teach ICS in Alberta
  • provide completion certificates for pre-requisite courses through approved providers
  • complete an ICS instructor application form
  • receive approval from the ICS Alberta instructor sub-committee

Applications undergo an initial screening for completeness before being accepted for consideration:

  • The ICS Alberta instructor sub-committee holds meetings 3 to 4 times a year, where complete instructor applications are presented for review and approval.
  • Applicants may expect to receive the ICS Alberta instructor sub-committee’s decision and rationale within 2 weeks of being reviewed.


Candidates must successfully complete in-class pre-requisite courses as detailed in the table below for approval by the ICS Alberta instructor sub-committee. Pre-requisite course completion certificates must be issued by an AEMA-approved training provider:

*TtT = Train-the-Trainer
Course to Instruct Pre-requisite Training
I-100 and I-200
  • I-100, I-200, I-300, Basic ICS TtT*, or
  • I-200 TtT
I-300 and I-400
  • I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400, Basic ICS TtT, or
  • I-200 TtT, Advanced TtT, or
  • I-300 TtT and I-400 TtT
  • Advanced ICS TtT, or
  • approved I-300 instructor (modules), or
  • I-400 instructor (lead instructor)

Online self-study I-200 certificates are not accepted

AEMA and ICS Canada do not accept any online, self-study I-200 courses as meeting the pre-requisites. Only instructor-led I-200 courses, which include all group activities and are assigned an Alberta course number, are accepted as meeting the I-200 pre-requisite.

For ICS course descriptions and more details, see Incident Command System courses.


All ICS Alberta-approved instructors and ICS Canada instructors wishing to instruct in Alberta must also adhere to the AEMA and ICS Canada training standards. If you would like to become an instructor, please review these standards prior to applying:

Prospective ICS instructors in Alberta are required to complete an application form and send it to [email protected]:

Successful instructor applications must include:

  • all certificates demonstrating the candidate’s completion of AEMA-approved pre-requisite courses:
    • Any ICS certificate issued in Alberta after January 1, 2022 must have an Alberta course number.
    • Any ICS course listed to satisfy the ‘courses taught as lead instructor’ requirement must have an Alberta course number from January 1, 2022.
  • references for adult-education/classroom management, ICS knowledge and emergency management experience
  • supervisor approval:
    • Instructors must teach 4 to 6 days per year (minimum) to obtain and hold their ICS Canada instructor status – and organizational management must support that requirement.
    • Independent contractors may approve their own applications.


Within 2 weeks of reviewing an application, the ICS Alberta committee will notify the candidate of one of the following possible outcomes:

ICS Alberta Instructor Sub-committee Decision Rationale and Remedial Steps
The application could not be reviewed due to missing or incomplete information. The identified missing or incomplete information must be provided and resubmitted for review.
The application was not approved due to inadequate pre-requisites, including non-approved pre-requisites, lack of supervisory approval, lack of operational experience, lack of adult-education/classroom management experience/skills, or inadequate demonstration of ICS knowledge and application. It is recommended that the candidate complete pre-requisite courses and/or acquire additional training before re-applying.
The application is conditionally approved. The candidate is required to do one or more co-teaches, observing the full course or the train-the-trainer course, or fulfill other stated requirements.
The application is approved and full instructor status is granted. The candidate may begin teaching ICS courses as a certified and approved instructor.

Get involved

Consider reaching out to ICS Alberta if you are:

  • an instructor interested in delivering ICS
  • a course developer looking to develop ICS training
  • an organization looking to deliver or develop internal ICS training for your staff or members


Connect with Alberta Emergency Management Agency Training:
Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Email: [email protected]

Alberta Emergency Management Agency
12360 142 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5L 2H1

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