Alberta’s aerospace and defense sector ranges from air transportation to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The sector employs over 10,000 Albertans and contributed $1.6 billion to our GDP in 2016.

Additionally, Alberta has world-class post-secondary institutions with multiple training, research and innovation facilities. Alberta is ranked third nationally by company size, fourth by number of companies, and fourth by GDP contribution in aerospace and defense.

Our blueprint for jobs

As part of A Blueprint for Jobs, we will work with this growing industry by:

  • Seeking partnerships to grow and expand Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) by leveraging assets such as the aircraft testing range in Foremost.
  • Promoting Alberta’s position as a growing hub for logistics, including the significant scope to grow services in both Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Enacting regulatory changes that permit increased airline traffic and services in Alberta, including expansion by WestJet, and other airlines that have a significant presence and focus in Alberta, such as Swoop and Flair.
  • Working with post-secondary institutions to address the massive shortage in trained pilots and maintenance personnel within the aviation sector.

Key sectors

We are focusing our efforts in areas where the potential for growth is the greatest: