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Jeremy Nixon


November 3, 2022


Family and social supports

I am honoured to have been appointed to serve as Alberta’s Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services. The work done by this ministry provides invaluable services for some of our province’s most vulnerable populations. The betterment of these individual’s lives depend on the support of social services, which is why I am very humbled to accept this new role.

My passion for the social service sector has been an integral part of my life. I have dedicated my career to building strong communities where all Albertans can thrive. For more than 15 years, I focused my efforts on non-profit leadership and management, dealing with some of Alberta’s biggest societal challenges. I have been lucky to work closely with amazing organizations like the Mustard Seed, Canadian Mental Health and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, where I was able to develop and implement innovative, life-changing programs for Albertans.

I believe the work this ministry and its community partners do to protect and support the most vulnerable among us is critical to fostering healthy families, strong communities and an inclusive province. Whether we’re talking about seniors, disabilities, mental health, healthy relationships, housing, homelessness or poverty, we need to continually innovate and collaborate to help meet the needs of all Albertans.

Cost of living is a top priority for Alberta’s government and we will continue working hard to make life more affordable for Albertans including those with disabilities, the vulnerable and the elderly. Over the coming months, I look forward to meeting with Albertans and learning more about the affordability issues affecting them and working on sensible solutions that will help put money back in Albertans’ pockets.

On top of an affordability crisis, we continue to face complex challenges addressing homelessness, exacerbated by the pandemic and addiction crisis. We released our 10-year strategy to improve and expand affordable housing in Alberta, which will provide safe, stable and affordable housing for those who need it. We are ensuring seniors have access to the supports and services they need to live safely and independently, while continuing our important work to address and prevent elder abuse, which is a serious issue for too many of our seniors. As the demand for disability programs increases, the ministry continues to work on solutions and modernization to increase access so more Albertans can receive the supports they need.

When given the opportunity, Albertans will find ways to contribute to their communities. We will continue to invest in career and employment services to help unemployed Albertans get back on their feet, join or rejoin the workforce and make meaningful contributions to their families and communities. At the same time, we continue to identify new opportunities for people with disabilities to find employment and participate in their communities.

I understand the enormity of the tasks ahead, but I am confident that we can make real changes for thousands of Albertans. I’ve always believed the solutions to Alberta’s problems are found at Alberta doors. I’m keen to hear from Albertans on how we can strengthen social supports to ensure there is always a social safety net for those who need it.

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    Jeremy Nixon

    Jeremy Nixon was sworn in as Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services on October 24, 2022.

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