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Devin Dreeshen


June 23, 2021



Twenty-first century farms are high-tech operations – from livestock and dairy to cereals and greenhouses, Alberta producers are leading the way for modern agriculture. With that in mind, we have introduced the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Farm Technology program to make farmers and ranchers even more competitive

To be eligible for funding, the program targets technology that is proven, but not yet widely adopted within an applicant’s farm type. The program supports the adoption of innovative technology that minimizes agricultural waste and optimizes farm efficiency, like:

  • digital sensors that contribute to greater precision and more accurate matching of inputs with requirements
  • wands and panel readers for electronic livestock ID tags that enable livestock producers to log weights digitally
  • devices that boost internet coverage on the farm

But this grant will also help to protect farmers and their operations. Rural crime and farm security are growing concerns in Alberta. In 2017, rural Alberta had a higher overall crime rate than urban areas. In rural Alberta, the crime rate was 10,964 incidents per 100,000 population; in urban areas, it was 7,920 incidents per 100,000 people.

Recognizing that, the Farm Technology program includes a farm security component.

This program will help farmers and ranchers protect their operations by supporting investments in farm security best management practices, like:

  • GPS equipment trackers that can monitor equipment locations
  • remote monitoring cameras for rural security

Alberta’s modernized, simplified CAP programs have made it easier and quicker for farmers, ranchers and food processors to get the funds they need to update their operations. To make it even easier, the programs have been condensed from 16 to 9. Funding is limited so I encourage interested people to apply early.

Find one that fits your operation and apply at

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