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Kaycee Madu


September 27, 2022


Occupational Health and Safety

Helping to make sure Alberta’s workplaces are healthy and safe is a priority for Alberta’s government – and an important part of workplace health and safety involves mental health. After all, workplaces that promote mental health are more likely to be physically safe. They also have increased morale, job satisfaction, and much more.

Within Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Alberta’s Ministry of Labour and Immigration, the prevention initiative is a partnership with industry, labour, health and safety organizations and the Workers’ Compensation Board. The latest prevention initiative resources are focused on mental health in the workplace, which includes psychosocial hazards.

By identifying all the potential hazards that can affect their workplace, employers can develop an effective plan for keeping their workers psychologically healthy and safe.

One of the ways employers can influence these factors is by spreading awareness about elements of the work environment, management practices or organizational practices that pose a risk to mental health and well-being. These can include harassment, violence or traumatic events, role ambiguity and more. Environmental factors such as indoor air quality, lighting and noise can also become hazards. All together these elements are known as psychological hazards.

Work site parties that address psychosocial hazards enjoy both financial and health benefits including increases in physical and mental safety, a boost in productivity and morale, and reduced sick leave or disability claims.

To help all Albertans access information on this topic, downloadable bulletins and postcards and two webinar-style videos are available. You can view all new and existing Prevention Initiative resources on the OHS Resource Portal. Social media graphics and facts are available for anyone to download and share on the Prevention Initiative website.

I encourage all Albertans to use these resources – together, we can make sure Alberta's workplaces are healthy and safe for everyone.

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    Kaycee Madu

    Kaycee Madu served as Minister of Labour and Immigration from February 25, 2022 to October 24, 2022.