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Kaycee Madu


May 24, 2022


Occupational Health and Safety

Alberta’s government is committed to helping job creators and workers create a healthy and safe work environment. Part of that is by making sure information on workplace safety is easy to access.

Within Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Alberta’s Ministry of Labour and Immigration, the Prevention Initiative is a partnership with industry, labour, health and safety organizations and the Workers’ Compensation Board.

It seeks to raise awareness about worker safety in Alberta with information bulletins, social media posts and videos. Currently, the Prevention Initiative campaign is focused on one of the leading causes of injury and illness in the workplace: slips, trips and falls. You can view new videos and existing resources. Social media graphics and facts are available for anyone to download and share on the Prevention Initiative website.

After all, in Alberta, about one in 5 lost-time workers’ compensation claims are related to slips, trips and falls, and these can lead to serious injuries or death. Even one injury or death is too many. The goal of the OHS system is to keep workplaces and workers healthy and safe. This is done through awareness and action.

Although devastating falls from heights get the most attention, short falls and falls at the same level are also major concerns, accounting for about 14% of injuries in the slips, trips and falls category. These injuries can happen in all kinds of environments, including construction sites, offices and parking lots.

By browsing through the Prevention Initiative materials, workers and employers across the province can learn how to identify hazards and remove or control them before an incident occurs.

I greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone involved in putting together these educational materials, and encourage all Albertans to use them to keep their workplaces healthy and safe.

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    Kaycee Madu

    Kaycee Madu served as Minister of Labour and Immigration from February 25, 2022 to October 24, 2022.