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Josephine Pon


November 22, 2021



On November 22, National Housing Day, we take a moment to thank our partners who provide housing, to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing and to report on our work to find solutions.

Affordable housing is the foundation of an inclusive and thriving society. At the moment, this foundation is cracked and buckling under the weight of an outdated system. That system hasn’t been structurally updated in more than 20 years. Not to mention the thousands of Albertans stuck on waitlists.

Earlier this month, I was proud to announce Stronger Foundations: Alberta’s 10-year strategy to improve and expand affordable housing. Over the next 10 years, Alberta’s government will take bold action to provide more affordable housing options that meet the needs of Albertans with low income. The strategy outlines how we will support an additional 25,000 household to increase the total number of household served to 82,000 – an increase of more than 40% over 10 years – by:

  • supporting those most in need
  • improving access
  • increasing planning and governance
  • enhancing sustainability and efficiency
  • enabling growth and investment

On National Housing Day, I want to thank our partners – housing management bodies, non-profits and private companies that deliver programs, build homes and maintain units. I want to thank you for your input to the Affordable Housing Review Panel that informed Stronger Foundations strategy. And thank you for all you have done, above and beyond, to support Albertans during the pandemic.

I look forward to working with all of our partners and with Albertans to implement the measures contained in Stronger Foundations. All of us share the same goal – to ensure that everyone has a safe and secure place to call home.

Happy National Housing Day.

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    Josephine Pon

    Josephine Pon served as Minister of Seniors and Housing from April 30, 2019 to October 24, 2022.