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Josephine Pon


August 10, 2021



Finding and applying for affordable housing can be difficult. With information scattered across different sources and many steps along the way, there was definitely room for improvement. The 2020 Affordable Housing Review Panel noted this when they made the recommendation to simplify the housing system, and we have been moving forward in that goal ever since.

I am excited about the new Find Housing online tool – a single source that will guide Albertans through the process of finding housing options, evaluating their eligibility, and applying for housing support. The tool was created with input from current tenants, housing operators, and social service agencies to help Albertans access affordable housing in a way that is quick, easy and tailored to them. It can also be used by family members and social service agencies to find information and housing support on other’s behalf.

Alberta’s government is working to make affordable housing more flexible, fair and inclusive. The new Find Housing online tool is just one way we are removing obstacles to help Albertans get the housing they need.

I encourage you to take a look, and try out the tool at For more information, visit Affordable housing programs.

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    Josephine Pon

    Josephine Pon served as Minister of Seniors and Housing from April 30, 2019 to October 24, 2022.