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Devin Dreeshen


July 5, 2021



Producers can apply for funding through the Efficient Grain Handling Program, which replaces the Efficient Grain Dryer Program. The updated program now offers an expanded list of eligible grain handling equipment.

For example, farmers can access funding to help purchase indirect-fired high-efficiency portable aeration dryers, automated bin fan control systems, automatic moisture-based controllers, high-efficiency burners, variable speed drives for electric motors, exhaust air re-circulation systems and heat exchangers.

A more complete list and grant application details are available on the Efficient Grain Handling Program web page.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a 5-year collaboration between the federal, provincial and territorial governments. For Alberta, the program is worth $406 million and will continue until 2023.

This year, Alberta’s modernized, simplified CAP programs have made it easier and quicker for farmers, ranchers and food processors to get the funds they need to update their operations. To make it even easier, the programs have been condensed from 16 to nine. Funding is limited so I encourage interested people to apply early.

Find one that fits your operation and apply at

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