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Todd Loewen


December 20, 2022



There’s nothing like Christmas in Alberta. With the holidays just around the corner, many across our province are looking forward to revisiting longstanding seasonal traditions. For thousands of Alberta families, this means heading out to their local forest area to find their ideal Christmas tree.

Since the $5 Personal Use Forest Products Permit fee was eliminated in 2020, more Albertans have been able to enjoy the family fun and excitement of venturing out in search of the perfect tree. In 2021, around 18,000 Personal Use Forest Products Permit were issued to those wanting to claim their tree the old-fashioned way.  

For folks considering this for the first time this year, your Personal Use Forest Products Permit is valid for 30 days and allows you to harvest up to:

  • 3 Christmas trees;
  • 5 cubic metres of firewood (approximately 3 full regular truck beds);
  • 5 cubic metres of roundwood (often used for fence posts and rails); or
  • 20 tree transplants.

A Personal Use Forest Products Permit is free, and you’ll need one to be able to legally harvest Alberta Crown timber for personal use. Harvesting without a permit or reselling Crown timber, means that you could face a fine and a stocking full of coal.

Getting your Personal Use Forest Products Permit online is quick and easy. After accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll receive a map that shows you exactly where you can harvest Crown timber. Make sure to “view” the permit when you’re done so that you’re emailed a digital copy. If you have any questions, reach out to your local forest area office.

The season presents a great opportunity for each of us to take time to experience the natural wonder of our forests with our families and the PUFPP means that we can feel good about harvesting our tree responsibly. Alberta has so much to offer and we’re blessed to live in such a free and open place.

I wish you a happy, healthy holiday season, however you celebrate it. Merry Christmas, Alberta!