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Nate Glubish


March 3, 2021


Consumer protection

Technology plays a growing role in Albertans’ daily lives. Thanks to smartphones, email, social media, and online banking, Albertans enjoy the convenience that comes from being better connected than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means that fraudsters have more access and tools to try to trick people out of their money.

Fraudsters are increasingly clever and they are constantly looking for new ways to take advantage of Albertans. New scams pop up every week, which can make it difficult to keep up, and the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced even more scams designed to prey upon the worries of Albertans during this especially vulnerable time.

That’s why it’s so important for Albertans to know what to look for and where to go for information in order to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

Since 2004, March has marked Fraud Prevention Month in Alberta, the time when government, police and consumer groups help Albertans brush up on their scam detection skills.

At Service Alberta, we provide information, tip sheets and services to help consumers arm themselves with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves while fostering confidence in the marketplace. Fraudsters hurt consumers and damage the reputations of honest businesses. It takes on many forms and can affect anyone: young or old, rich or poor, online or in person.

In protecting yourself against fraud, education and awareness are the best tools you have at your disposal which is why Service Alberta provides much of this information online. From cybersecurity eCourses and awareness of common text scams, to consumer tipsheets and information on identity theft, the site helps to equip you to know what to look for and what steps you can take to prevent yourself from being a victim. I encourage you to take a look at the resources available.

Again this year, each week during March there’s a different focus in order to bring awareness to the different types of scams and fraud Albertans need to watch out for. From cybersecurity to identity theft, business scams to mass marketing scams, and extending to immigration fraud, information is available to keep you safe.

If you think someone has tried to scam or defraud you, be sure to report it to your local police agency or to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. For business-related scams, you can also report them to Alberta’s Consumer Investigation Unit by calling 1-877-427-4088.

Be sure to follow the Service Alberta Twitter account and Consumer Protection Alberta Facebook page for information related to Fraud Prevention Month. By working together, being proactive, and encouraging people to recognize and report fraud, we can get ahead of fraudsters and prevent them from potentially victimizing unsuspecting Albertans.

News: Fraud Prevention Month: Ministers Glubish and Madu (Mar 1, 2021)

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