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Jason Luan


December 3, 2021


Inclusive society

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, Alberta’s government is creating space for more students with developmental disabilities to pursue their educational goals.

Access to quality education is a fundamental part of a child’s growth and a key to ensuring the future of our province. Every child deserves the chance to learn in an inclusive, welcoming environment – from when they start school to when they pursue post-secondary education.

For more than 30 years, Alberta’s government has been a leader in supporting students with developmental disabilities to pursue post-secondary education.

This was a platform commitment in the 2019 campaign and I’m so proud we are investing $2 million to open up new spaces for people with developmental disabilities in Alberta’s universities, colleges and technical institutes.

That means more students with developmental disabilities will have the opportunity, through the Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program, to participate fully in classes, advance their personal development and build knowledge and skills to participate in the workforce.

This program helps students with developmental disabilities to take courses and participate in all activities colleges and universities have to offer, including convocation ceremonies with their classmates when they complete the program. Another option for students is the Transitional Vocation Program offered at schools across Alberta. This program helps prepare students with some of the tools they need to enter and be successful in the workforce.

These programs provide a strong pathway to employment for Albertans with developmental disabilities. In fact, graduates experience an employment rate of 60% to 80%.

Every Albertan deserves the opportunity to live independently and fully participate in their communities by finding and maintaining meaningful employment. Expanding access to inclusive post-secondary education programs in Alberta is a step in the right direction.

Learn more about resources for students with disabilities.

News: Expanding access to inclusive post-secondary education (December 3, 2021)

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