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Brian Jean


December 20, 2022


Business and economy

As a proud northern Albertan, I have witnessed firsthand the hard work and contributions of the region to Alberta’s economy. From the strength and innovation of the oil sands industry to the entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of small businesses, Alberta’s north plays a major role in building an even stronger and more diversified economy. Northern Alberta is also home to 32 First Nations and 8 Metis Settlements whose members continue to make significant contributions to the social and economic fabric of the region.

Through the work of the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC), Alberta’s government is building relationships to help advance development in northern Alberta, support further economic growth and diversification and promote the many opportunities of living and working in the region. The council also enhances dialogue between government and northern Albertans, providing strategic advice and recommendations to government to help plan for the future of the region.

Our government is proud to support growth in Alberta’s northern markets, drive even more economic diversification, and help northern Albertans, students, and business owners reach their full potential. This past year, the council accomplished a number of activities to help build a stronger north. Through the NADC Bursary Program, the government provided 255 bursaries in 2021-22, totalling nearly $1.56 million to help attract and retain skilled professionals to grow and diversify the northern economy. This included 63 bursaries to Indigenous learners to obtain new skills and education to enter or re-enter the workforce in northern Alberta.

The council also continues to engage with key stakeholders to understand perspectives and inform opportunities for northern Alberta. This includes one or more multimodal corridors (routes that involve more than one method of transporting people or goods) with broadband, utilities, roadways, and rail across the north. It is critical that Alberta’s north has reliable and efficient routes to keep up with demand and support continued growth and opportunities.

Alberta’s resource-rich north will continue to play a significant role in building a strong and resilient economy in the province. I look forward to continuing our work with the NADC as we plan for the future and ensure a renewed Alberta advantage across this great province.

For more details on these activities, I encourage you to read the NADC’s 2021-22 annual report (PDF, 5.2 MB).

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