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Devin Dreeshen


October 8, 2021



Our world has changed drastically over the past 2 years. But as Albertans, we are no strangers to adversity. While producers across Western Canada have faced challenges this year, the resilience and determination of Albertans means that our agriculture and agri-food sectors continue to be economic bright spots.

When you buy Alberta products in the grocery store, you are supporting an Alberta farmer or rancher who, through their hard work, maintained safe and available food for Canadians and for people all around the world.

Alberta is a province rich with energy resources, building supplies and the highest quality food. When Albertans support their communities by spending their money locally, they are laying the foundations for a stronger and more self-reliant Alberta that will power, build and feed the world.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage all Albertans to celebrate with their loved ones by getting out and visiting Alberta’s beautiful forests. Our forests are a pillar for more than 90 rural and Indigenous communities across Alberta and a premier destination for camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Alberta’s forests are places where families can reconnect and build memories that will last a lifetime, all while they support the local tourism and hospitality businesses that continue to attract travellers from across the world.

To help Albertans shop local, Agriculture and Forestry has developed a new “Made in Alberta, by Albertans” label that farmers and processors can use on their products. The label will help shoppers quickly identify food made in our province when choosing an item at their local farmers’ market or grocery store.

Watch for the label on Alberta made products at your local grocery store in the future.

When you buy Alberta made products, you are doing more than just supporting an industry – you are directly supporting another family and their livelihood.

It is part of what unites us as Albertans, and will help us get through these challenging times together.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Devin Dreeshen

    Devin Dreeshen served as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry from April 30, 2019 to November 5, 2021.