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Travis Toews


February 24, 2022


Budget 2022

Every day, Albertans put on their shoes to go to work, earn a living and provide for themselves and their families.

These are the people who helped us through this pandemic. And the people who are leading our continued recovery.

The past two years have been hard.

Your work may have changed, or maybe you were put out of work. You juggled a routine that changed constantly. On top of it all, you tried to make sense of a world that we didn’t really know anymore.

I know it’s been hard, but I really believe things are looking up.

Every day, Albertans are taking steps to get ahead. To pay for the things in their life that they need or enjoy and that their family needs or enjoys.

We are taking those steps with you.

Albertans are ready to move forward.

We are ready for a health-care system that meets our needs every day, in every community.

We are ready to see employment and skills training opportunities that help us support ourselves and our families.

We are ready to move forward towards a stable fiscal future.

Budget 2022 helps get us there.

Investments to increase capacity in our health-care system will help make sure any Albertan gets the care they need when they need it.

Our new Alberta at Work initiative will prepare students and workers for a changing labour market, so all Albertans get the skills they need to pursue their passions and support themselves and their families.

And finally, the government has followed through on our commitment to chart a path back to balance. With surpluses predicted in the next three years, we will stick to our fiscal plan, respect taxpayer dollars and keep our spending in line.

Budget 2022 is a budget for you. For your future. For your kids’ futures. And for Alberta’s future.

So let’s all put on our shoes – and start moving forward.

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    Travis Toews

    Travis Toews resigned as President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance on May 31, 2022.