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Prasad Panda


October 22, 2021



This summer, along with several cabinet colleagues, I loaded up my car and hit the highways of our province to visit as many communities and speak with Albertans from every region and all walks of life.

In early July, I set off on the first of 5 road tours, which would take me to communities in the Northeast, Northwest, South, Central, and Capital regions. In all, I visited 43 communities, made 83 stops for events, meetings, tours and meals with local groups, and put more than 7,700 kilometres on my Toyota.

Tour Stats

  • 43 communities visited
  • 83 stops for events, meetings, tours and meals with local groups
  • 7,712 km driven
  • Northern most community visited: High Level
  • Southern most community visited: Lethbridge
    • Distance between the two: 1,241 km

I’d like to tell you about every single stop I made and every conversation I had, but that would likely take as long as the tours themselves! So instead I’ll provide a brief rundown of each leg of my Alberta tour with the understanding that I valued every opportunity to stop and learn more about each unique area of our province.

These tours around our province were incredibly busy, but incredibly important for me and my government colleagues. We were honoured to be invited into your communities and businesses to speak with you and learn more about the places you call home and the challenges and opportunities in your lives.

Planning a tour like this is a big job, and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work of the staffs in our offices and at our ministries. I also thank the local MLAs, Reeves, Mayors and Councils and Chambers of Commerce who hosted us along the way.

This fall, when we return to the Legislature, we will bring what we learned this summer as we drove around Alberta and use it as we continue to work hard to make Alberta one of the best places in the world to live and do business.

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    Prasad Panda

    Prasad Panda served as the Minister of Infrastructure from April 30, 2019 to June 21, 2022.