Under the New Home Buyer Protection Act, multi-family rental properties are eligible for an exemption. This exemption allows a rental developer to build a new rental property without needing to purchase a home warranty policy. However, should a rental property owner choose to sell units to home buyers, including condo conversion, those units will be required to have home warranty protection for the duration of the remaining 10 year protection period (see the FAQs for a detailed explanation). The protection period begins upon first occupancy or when permission to occupy is issued in these instances.

Single family rental properties are not eligible for an exemption.

Application Process

To apply for an exemption:

  • You will need to become an authorized user of the New Home Buyer Protection System Portal. Access to the portal is obtained by submitting a NHBPS Access Request. If you are unable to view the NHBPS Access Request application above, please contact the New Home Buyer Protection Office at NHBPS.access@gov.ab.ca. Access request applications will be processed in approximately three business days.
  • Once access has been obtained apply for a Rental Exemption and submit a $95 application fee. This payment can be done online or by cheque payable to the Government of Alberta.
  • Print off form, sign and mail into the New Home Buyer Protection Office along with payment if paying offline.

Applications are reviewed and recommendations developed approximately 14 business days after a complete application is received. During peak construction times, this may take longer than 14 business days. Recommendations are reviewed weekly by the Registrar for decision, outside of the above noted timeframe. Applications are not considered complete until both the form and the fee are received.

Application Tips

In order to have your application evaluated in a timely fashion, the following tips are recommended:

  • When mailing the application use registered mail. This will allow you to confirm when your application was received.


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